Senior Design Team sdmay18-22 • Adaptive Wireless Wearable Neuro-Stimulator

SIDS or sudden infant syndrome is the sudden death of infants for what seems to be no apparent reason. We have found data that suggests that there may be some correlation between low frequency waves released from lightning strikes around the world. The amount of low frequency waves reaching children in the hemispheres of the planet varies based on the season that the hemisphere is in. During winter there is less of the low frequency waves as compared to the warmer months when there are more storms. Our device will gather data and record it so it can be studied to see if this is a possible theory for the cause of SIDS.

The adaptive wireless wearable neuro-stimulator is meant to provide a source of data for study on SIDS. Our device will be worn by infants and take data readings from the various sensors contacting the skin. The device will have a skin temperature sensor and accelerometer. It will also keep track of the date, time, and location of the device. It will be fastened to the infant using a flexible, durable material. Based on the readings and data taken from the database, the device will administer a vibration pulse to the child in the hopes of getting it to move without waking it up to provide stimulation to the child.